Daenorin Brightstag

Uskali Elf - Co-Owner of the Brightstag Inn


Lunar Elf Merchant


Daenorin was born to a commune of lunar elves from the Uskal Mountains in Sceym Plary; while his people were a secretive few, dwelling in the valleys between Sceym Plary’s many plateaus, Daenorin had always displayed a wanderlust for the outside world, choosing to depart his commune at age 60 and wander the Eastern Reach, dabbling in the arcane arts as he saw more of what the world had to offer.

After a century of wandering, Daenorin decided to return to his home commune with his newfound arcane teachings. Despite their skepticism, he was welcomed back into the commune and began teaching the youth of the valley little arcane tricks he had picked up over the years.
However, peace does not last forever; such a depressing truth was actualized as the Daelohan, an imperialist nation of conquerors and tyrants, had made it their goal to invade the Eastern Reach, beginning with the coastal nation of Qetren. His people worried, Daenorin assured them that these invaders would pose no threat, should the elves of the valley keep quiet and let the Daelohan pass.
It was then that tragedy struck: the Daelohan invaded, slaughtering entire communes of elves who did not submit while conscripting others who were too weak to fight back.

Living under the tyranny of the Daelohan for nearly 4 years, Daenorin had managed to smuggle himself out of Daelohan territory, moving as far west as possible from the realms of Sceym Plary and Qetren, eventually arriving at the province of Kasleau in the region of Ulus, and making an aquaintance with a portly dwarf by the name of Darthrum Brightstag.
The dwarf took in the refugees, including Daenorin, offering his own home and food to those whom had just made the most daring journey. Not quite used to this level of hospitality, Daenorin was intrigued and sought to assist Darthrum in his efforts.

After a few weeks, the refugees began to board boats to the realm of Voiccoen, hoping to escape the potential reach of the Daelohan, but Daenorin chose to stay. His interest in Darthrum had grown to be romantic, while the dwarf admitted the same.
While Darthrum still had responsibilities at the West-Ulus Trading Company, it was not long until he was relieve himself of said job, much to Daenorin’s bliss.

From there, the two decided to travel north-east to the township of Burrafirth. While being closer to Daelohan borders brings no end of stress to Daenorin, he was happy to know he could “settle down” in a quaint, quiet township with his partner, and open what would be known as The Brightstag Inn.

Daenorin Brightstag

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