Darthrum Brightstag

Hill Dwarf - Owner and Proprietor of the Brightstag Inn


Hill Dwarf Merchant


Hailing from the port city Ofand in Ulus’ coastal region of Kasleau, Darthrum was never one for the shady plutocrats and the hustle and bustle of large cities, choosing instead to serve on merchant ships as a cook to make ends meet.

After returning home from a voyage, he discovered Ofand was the new home to a band of refugees, from the Uskal Mountains of the Eastern Reach, and offered shelter, food, and a shoulder to lean on to those who had lost everything they had. It was during this time that a tall, svelte lunar elf by the name of Daenorin had caught his eye, offering Darthrum assistance in tending the refugees. Months passed, and the unlikely duo had grown to be sweet with each other, eventually culminating in a relationship.

However, not all was sweet on the home front: Darthrum was still working for the West-Ulus Trading Company, where his job as the galleon’s cook kept the two apart for strenuous weeks at a time. After 3 years Darthrum was relieved of his job, wherein he took all of his savings and moved Daenorin and himself to the small, yet lively township of Burrafirth in the northernly province of Athen, wherein they opened up a small lodge known as The Brightstag Inn.

Darthrum Brightstag

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